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Analyzing competitors or reducing competitiveness

Often the decline in competitiveness is manifested in the form of a drop in income and / or profitability. In this case, it is important to understand the causes of what is happening, which may be due to various factors :

 seasonality, general economic conditions or a general decline in demand for off-season products
 appearance of a new substitute product
 the emergence of a new competitor-market participant
 actions of traditional competitors including price dumping
 drop in the quality of products
 drop in the level of customer service
 non-optimal range of products

Timely identification of reasons for the decline in competitiveness will allow to take timely measures to remedy the situation

Our core advantages

•  Being outside of business, we can unbiasedly identify and analyze the situation in the market using all possible methods, some of which can not be used by internal services forces (for example, "Mysterious Buyer" to verify the quality of work of the merchants of the Customer or to reveal the loyalty of
their customers)
•  The accumulated experience of studying new innovative markets allows us to promptly identify threats that are not related to traditional markets on which the Customer has long been present.

Result format
It is possible to identify both external and internal causes by various studies:

I.   Estimation of price level, quality, service, professionalism by the method of "mysterious buyer on the market b2b“
II.  Competitor analysis: studying the work load level of competitors, price level, the level of rewards
III.  Studying the preferences of consumers - both clients of the Customer and competitors’
IV.  Identifying the reasons for the transition of customers to competitors
V.  Comparative level of purchasing prices of the Customer and competitors
VI.  Searching for alternative ways to increase the return on existing competitive advantages,
VII.  Comparative analysis of the assortment of the Customer and competitors
VIII.  Specific studies depending on the specifics of the Customer's business and its situation.

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