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Customer satisfaction

Accurate measurements of the degree of customer satisfaction allow you to make effective decisions to improve product quality and service. Information on the causes of dissatisfaction makes it possible to understand what strategic and tactical decisions should be taken to adjust the situation in accordance with the requirements of customers.   

Data on customer dissatisfaction allow you to react in time, reducing dissonance and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Our core advantages
•  We value our reputation and always keep the information received from the Customer confidential. Evidence for this: the recommendations of our clients and the lack of lawsuits for 20 years of work.
•  The study of clients is always carried out as carefully as possible without disrupting the current commercial work in the most convenient form for respondents.
•  We understand the importance of the information received during the study of clients and we can transfer it to the end of the Project (for example, timely informing about plans of leaving for another supplier will allow the merchant to come up with steps to retain)

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