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Evaluation of brand recognition

The analysis of the brand recognition provides simultaneous evaluation of the marketing policy effectiveness, advertising and communication efforts and, if necessary, adjustment of the current promotion policy.
Based on the results of the Project, the Customer can see the complex situation in the market through the eyes of consumers - both his own brand and competitive brands. This will help to adapt the characteristics of the products and services produced to their requests.

Our core advantages:

•  Optimal selection of the base of respondents taking into account the criteria of the target audience. This is especially important when working on B2B segments, when it is necessary to obtain data from respondents of certain companies in a particular sphere and scale.
•  The coordinated adjustment of the questionnaire. Within the framework of each project, we try to create the most optimal questionnaire, taking into account both the wishes of the  customer to find out the issues of interest, and the respondents' abilities in terms of time and convenience of answers. 
This is especially important when interviewing respondents who are managers at various levels.
•  Based on the polls conducted, we can provide not only a database with the results of the questionnaire, but a visual presentation that allows us to quickly make informed decisions to the executives of the customer company.

Result format

I.  Brand Performance (top of mind, spontaneous recognition, recognition with a hint)
II.  What brands of products are currently being procured
III. Most chosen producers / brands
IV. Changes in the list of purchased brands in recent years
V.  Work quality evaluation by consumers and competitors of products of own company
VI. The main sale channels of competitors
VII. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company and the main competitors in the opinion of consumers
VIII. Sources of information that consumers use when choosing a manufacturer
IX.  Reasons for choosing a manufacturer

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