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Market research

Within the framework of various marketing research, in order to assess the potential for demand for new and / or innovative goods and services, we provide the Customer with a consolidated analytical report (MS Word, PP) and all the source data.

Our core advantages
•  Measurements of the market volume are always carried out taking into account its features and measurement results (for example, if necessary, recalculation on the active substance, etc.)
•  We can estimate the volume of the market for any innovative goods and services, and not only for products where there is ready statistics.
•  We receive and provide data on the volumes of production and sales of competitors with the maximum detail within the framework of legal methods.
•  Our forecasts are always justified and based on various methods and sources, including on the correlation retrospective analysis.
•  The validity and prospects of demand are checked by a detailed study of both current and potential consumers.
•  Based on the results of the study of any market, recommendations can be issued for further promoting the Customer and assessing the potential of his sales

Result format
•  Brief description of products (application features, substitute goods, comparison of properties of various market participants, etc.)
•  Supply situation analysis (volume of production / supply / volume of services), both domestic producers and foreign ones. Identification of development plans for current participants and new investment projects.
•  Analysis of the demand situation. Identification of the main consumers, their consumption volumes, the possibility of changing the supplier, as well as plans to change the volume and structure of purchases.
•  Estimation of market capacity, its dynamics and structure by segments. Identification of the most popular types of products. 
•  Analysis of price conjuncture, pricing and price changes in the future.
•  Identification of factors affecting the changes in demand and the market forecast, taking into account the possibility of switching to substitute goods.
•  Evaluation of market prospects. Risks and barriers to entry / promotion.

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