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Provision of information necessary for the preparation of documents for government organizations

Agency of Industrial Information collects and prepares the information necessary for the initiation and implementation of decisions by state organizations and companies on a wide range of issues:

1. Assistance to Russian companies in preparing various appeals to state bodies

2. Providing information to the Russian government authorities

3. Assistance to foreign countries in strengthening and expanding business ties with Russia

1. Assistance to Russian companies in preparing various appeals to state bodies or state structures for business support.

1.1. Justification of the feasibility of investments or subsidies when applying to development institutions:

- preparation of Section 7 "Market Analysis" of a business plan for the format of Vnesheconombank for submission to VEB (Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs)

- Preparation of Section 4 "Sales Markets" of the business plan for the format of Rosnano (formerly Form 6),

- collection of information to ensure compliance with the criterion "Market prospects and product potential" of the Industrial Development Fund, including the following areas of its support:

- a subsidy for the implementation of new integrated investment projects under the Governmental Decree (hereinafter referred to as the "GD") of the Russian Federation No. 3 dated January 3rd, 2013

- The project financing program under the RF GD No. 1044 dated October 11th, 2014

- a subsidy for replenishment of current assets and current activities under the RF GD No. 214 dated March 12th, 2015

- a special investment contract under the RF GD No. 708 dated July 16th, 2015

- support to the forest industry under the RF GD No. 419 dated June 30th, 2007

- state guarantees for investment projects under the RF GD No. 1016 and No. 1017 dated December 14th, 2010

- subsidizing part of R&D costs under RF GD No. 1312 dated December 30th,2013

1.2. Rationale for the application of tax incentives by companies:

- preparation of information for the classification decision of the FCS and an application to the Government of the Russian Federation for inclusion of a commodity item in the list of technological equipment, analogues of which are not produced in the Russian Federation, import of which into the territory of the Russian Federation is not subject to VAT in accordance with RF Government Decree No. 372 dated April 30th,2009.

- preparation of information and analytical materials necessary for consideration and preparation of proposals for setting and changing the import customs duties rates by the Subcommission on Customs Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation, protective measures in foreign trade of the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration.

1.3. Substantiation of changes in the license terms of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of the Russian Federation (Rosnedra) in terms of subsoil user's obligations to develop mineral deposits.

1.4. Carrying out market research in the implementation of federal targeted programs and development strategies:

- Federal target program "Development of the transport system of Russia (2010 - 2021)" (as part of the subprograms "Development of transport services export ", "Railway tr/ ansport", "Civil Aviation"),

- Strategy of export development in the agricultural machinery industry for the period until 2025 (in accordance with section 5. "Development principles of exporting organizations") and others.

1.5. Substantiation of the company's positions for the Federal Antimonopoly Service (taking into account the "Procedure for analyzing the state of competition in the commodity market", approved by the Order #220 of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia dated 28th April, 2010)

1.6. Substantiation of the company's positions before the Federal Tax Service (taking into account Article 40 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation Principles for determining the price of goods, works or services for tax purposes)

1.7. Preparation of expert opinions as an independent expert in the Arbitration Courts of various instances, including on the appeals of complainants or defendants.

1.8. Preparation of initial information necessary for R & D.

1.9. Preparation of initial data for the preparation of a feasibility study for state-owned companies (Gazprom and its dependant companies, Rosneft and its dependant companies, and other)

2. Provision of information for Russian government authorities

2.1. Verification of the feasibility of investments by development institutions - conducting research on the order and in the interests of Rusnano, Vneshekonombank, Skolkovo and other.

2.2. Providing information for the development of legislative initiatives (for example, the development of industrial policy in Russia) and decisions at the federal or regional level, including for the implementation of the adopted development programs

2.3. Выполнение своих функций государственными компаниями, например, информационное обеспечение и поддержка участников рынка.

3. Assistance to foreign countries in strengthening and expanding business ties with Russia

Organizations supporting export of foreign countries facilitate the interaction of entrepreneurs and their industry associations of their countries with the Russian economy. Agency of Industrial Information promotes such organizations in providing information about the Russian market and helps to find common ground with Russian companies:

- promotion of export-oriented industries to Russia,

- Assistance in attracting Russian investors,

- search for promising areas of cooperation for entrepreneurs.

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