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Research studies

As part of developing a marketing strategy and choosing a niche market, enterprises need to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in their field.
This research can be carried out independently as well as in the framework of an integrated marketing research, a project to analyze competitors or in the course of developing a marketing strategy.
The information search procedure determines the objectives of the research, the deadlines for implementation and reporting forms, the search area for patent, scientific, technical and economic information.

Our core advantages

•  Our specialists have the necessary practical experience and special knowledge (20 years of experience in various fields: engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, etc.)
•   Knowledge of foreign languages allows our specialists to study patent or scientific and technical documents, written in English or another European language.
•   The sources include as well aggregated global patent information resources and specialized resources of individual countries: data from Federal Institute for Industrial Property (FIPS) of the Russian Federation, databases of the US Patent Office, Europe, etc..

Result format

I.   Determination of the most promising directions in the field of production 
II.   Identification of technological trends in the production and use of manufactured products
III.   Analysis of scientific and technical activities of the world's leading manufacturers of the industry
IV.   Technical and economic analysis of solutions in the production and use of the products of interest (recipe, equipment, technology, characteristics, new applications)

The result of a research study is a report that contains copies of patent and other materials, their analysis and synthesis, as well as assessments and recommendations of our experts.

23rd Jul,2021
Overview of the Russian market for steam turbines with a capacity up to 100 MW
16th Jun,2021
Cryogenic temperature testing market research
10th Jun,2021
Market research of equipment for the mining industry