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Oil & gas industry and Energetics

23rd Jul,2021 Overview of the Russian market for steam turbines with a capacity up to 100 MW

17th Jul,2019 Rating of 200 largest construction companies operating in the construction market of the Russian Federation in the oil and gas sector

29th Apr,2019 Global LNG market research

11th Sep,2018 A study to identify and provide information on potential general contractors with experience in the design and creation of offshore oil and gas platforms

4th Dec,2017 Research of Russian and European market of liquefied hydrocarbon gases

12th Sep,2016 Market of biofuel compositions

5th Sep,2016 The market of refined products. Price analysis

4th Dec,2015 Russian market of liquefied petroleum gas

28th Apr,2015 Market research of butane in Russia

25th Dec,2014 Russian and global market of Industrial catalysts

19th Dec,2014 Market research of benzene

18th Jun,2014 Market research of aramid fibers and threads

27th Apr,2014 Butane market research (Butane, technical butane, isobutane)

13th Mar,2014 Research of the market of seamless tubes used in the thermal and nuclear energy sector

11th Nov,2013 Market research of natural gas motor fuel in Russia and abroad

17th Oct,2013 Market research of equipment for associated petroleum gas processing

23rd Jul,2013 Research of Russian and global liquefied natural gas market

5th Jun,2013 Research of the Russian market of liquefied petroleum gas

12th Apr,2013 Market research of alkylates

12th Apr,2013 Russian associated petroleum gas market

27th Dec,2012 Energy efficiency research for Russian and foreign chemical industry

19th Dec,2012 Russian coal cake market research

26th Nov,2012 Study of energy saving and energy efficiency in the mining industry

31st Aug,2012 Russian coal cake market research

4th Jul,2012 Russian liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market research

16th Jun,2012 Marketing research of global and Russian butane and isobutane market

16th Jun,2012 Marketing research for business trends on Russian and global propane market

16th Jun,2012 Marketing research for business trends on Russian and global pentane market

17th Aug,2011 Market research of rust-proofing paint in oil sector

9th Mar,2011 Products and solutions market for power engineering equipment manufacturers of Russia

9th Oct,2010 Research of qualitative characteristics of Kuznetsk basin coal

9th Jul,2008 Marketing research for alternative combustibles in Krasnodar and Rostov regions

9th Sep,2007 Biofuel market in Russia

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