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Agency of Industrial Information is a large company in Russia and the CIS conducting market research of industrial products. 

Agency of Industrial Information  -  is a leading Russian company specializing in marketing research of B2B markets (markets where sellers and consumers are organizations).

The company was founded in 1997 on the basis of Vneshhimtorg  and has extensive experience in applying the results of marketing research in commercial activities. This  allows our clients to recoup the cost of external marketing in the shortest possible time and leads to the fastest achievement of their goals.

Agency of Industrial Information has been conducting market research since 1997.

Since 1997, we have conducted over 2,200 market research studies aimed at solving various problems of our clients. Among the projects completed by us were full-scale b2b market researches, customer base expansion and competitive analyses, price reviews and many other works. We are proud that our activities bring success to our customers and are always ready to develop in this direction.

The main profile of the Agency of Industrial Information is to conduct b2b market research  in industry. Mostly, we work in  chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, automotive and other industries. 

Our market researches help our customers to promote sales growth, reduce costs, search for new business lines. The work of our specialists is aimed at strengthening the competitive advantages of our customers, as well as identifying the weaknesses of competitors. The main tool for this is conducting market research.

Our customers can order market research from our website, as well as  by phone +7 (495) 777 91 87  or by e-mail:

The main API services are:

  • Market researches according to the customer's specifications (order market research);
  • Finished market researches (mainly industrial markets);
  • Market researches to assess the prospects of new segments and markets; 
  • Provision of information about market participants (market analysis - clients, partners).

You can get acquainted with the full list of works in open access in section  finished marketing research

Data for marketing researches is collected in strict accordance with the exact goals of the customer. For 16 years, the analysts of the Industrial Information Agency  have been successfully conducting marketing researches and market analysis of industrial products. From year to year, our experts provide reliable, accurate market researches. We analyze your requests very carefully and try to conduct market researches as close as possible to the tasks of the Customer. 

Our main goal is that through our market research, our clients  would be objectively informed and could build business development strategies in accordance with consumer demand, the success of competitors and other factors influencing the successful development of any company.

We are trusted to provide  market researches by the largest Russian and foreign companies, such as: «Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies» (ROSNANO), Transneft, Bank of Moscow, Rosneft, Ingosstrakh, Bayer, BASF, AkzoNobel, Indesit  etc.
We are happy with every project: whether it's an overview market research or a full-scale project.

Industrial market research has been the main profile of the Industrial Information Agency since 1997. Many years of work in the field of marketing research allows us to analyze markets with particular care. Analysts provided more than 2200  marketing researches. We have accumulated  unique experience in conducting marketing research of industrial markets.

You can get more information about us or  order  market research, market analysis  right now:  order. Our specialists are ready to discuss the details of the proposed work. Some of our completed market research reports might be similar to your request and related ready-made materials might be utilized. If not, we will prepare a commercial offer for you to conduct a new  market research according to your request.

The quality management system at the agency meets requirements GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008)

For all questions related to providing marketing researches, the availability of finsihed researches on a topic that interests you and updating of old researches, you can also find out by phone in Moscow  +7 (495) 777-91-87 or by e-mail:

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