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Conditions for the provision of information services

The Services are provided by the Agency of Industrial Information on certain terms.

By using the services, you agree with the statements below::

  • The market is constantly changing: no organization can have all the information on any subject. Therefore, the Agency of Industrial Information cannot guarantee that the provided information will be exhaustive and absolutely accurate, and  you will receive all the necessary information.
  • The information is provided in accordance with the methods agreed in the technical specifications and/or in the  Contract, that impose restrictions on the retrospective, accuracy, completeness, consistency of information, and also on the degree of compliance with your tasks and situation.
  • The agency collects information from a variety of sources, including surveys that take place within their own organizations. Despite the fact that the observed phenomena are reflections, errors are possible due to human illness, intentional or unintentional actions of third parties.
  • Interpretations of the same detections in identifying different situations and tasks can differ significantly and be opposite.
  • Report on the study of emerging situations and objectives of the Customer. In case of non-disclosure or misrepresentation of goals by the Customer, statements of non-conformity of materials, the report is again directed to the goals of the non-purpose.
  • Possible discrepancy between the Contractor's report and the Customer's receipt. Investigation of the causes of non-compliance (recheck) deserved at the expense of the Customer.
  • Our recommendations for choosing research methods are expected to be for the average case. Depending on the situation of the Customer, the accuracy of solving the problem can be both increased and more efficient (and, consequently, the scope and cost of work change).
  • The availability and completeness of the indications for the received study can only be clarified in the course of work, and not in advance. Sometimes there may be an increase in expected work times or an increase in suspicion. In such cases, the performer takes responsibility: for the – within the limits stipulated by the contract, for a decrease in the increase in the increase rate – a decrease in wages corresponding to a decrease in income.

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