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Comprehensive and pre-investment market research

Comprehensive and pre-investment market research includes an analysis of supply and demand, an assessment of market capacity, clarification of the structure of demand, the level of loading and plans of producers, sales forecasts, prices and other components.

Due diligence provides Clients with the input they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a project.
Here, it is important for the Customer to provide data on all competitive advantages that will help to successfully implement the project and ensure a return on investment.
The overall picture of the market, market opportunities, risk analysis, scenario forecasts — main accents in due diligence.

Comprehensive studies are most often commissioned by market participants. Such studies are aimed at tracking changes in the market, understanding causal relationships: how external factors and actions of market participants affect the market (price levels, consumption volumes, import or export volumes). The authors of some of these actions or inactions are the Customers themselves.
In complex research, the details of what is happening in the market are important. Based on them, decisions can be made regarding the need:

- changes in the assortment, scale and modes of production,
- changes in sales prices and discount policy,
- staff motivation changes,
- intensity of promotion effort,
- the need to create cartel agreements and more.

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