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Demand Analysis

Demand analysis, along with supply analysis, is the backbone of market research.

Most often, demand analysis is understood to mean the following elements, or a combination of them:

1. Assessment of the volume of existing demand (assessment of market capacity)
2. Assessment of the volume of potential demand (assessment of the capacity of the market for innovative products)
3. Assessment of the structure of demand by segments (industries) of consumers
4. Assessment of the structure of demand by price segments
5. Estimation of the structure of demand according to the characteristics of products or services
6. Distribution of demand by customers (customer database)
7. Identification of customer requirements and preferences
8. Identification of unsatisfied demand
9. Import substitution potential assessment
10. Determination of market prices
11. Customer satisfaction score
12. Forecast of changes in the volume of demand and / or changes in prices
13. Brand awareness analysis

Thus, these elements reveal all the key attributes of demand: quantity, cost, buyers, product/service properties, demand factors (motivators, drivers).

Recommended Research

  • Brand awareness
  • Price
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Import substitution
    potential assessment
  • Assessment of
    the market potential for innovative products