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Brand awareness analysis

When creating and developing a brand, brand awareness and impact are regularly assessed. Knowing the current level of awareness and its impact allows you to build the right brand promotion strategy, determine communication goals and the optimal advertising budget.
Brand awareness or brand awareness means the ability of the target audience to recognize or remember the company's trademark at the time of making a choice or immediately before purchasing a product.

Three indicators of brand awareness are generally evaluated:

  • Top of Mind — the first brand that is remembered by the consumer when a product category is mentioned. This indicator determines the market leader in the minds of consumers.
  • Spontaneous recognition (recognition without prompting) — the brand is named by the consumer among others named for the specified product category, the consumer can recall the company's brand without additional information. This indicator allows you to highlight and track changes in the main competitors.
  • Brand Recognition — the consumer recognizes the brand when he sees or hears it.
To increase brand awareness, the share of brand buyers among those who know it is also revealed to determine the conversion rate from recognition to purchase. This indicator is one of the key characteristics of the brand.
Analysis of brand awareness allows you to simultaneously evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing policy, advertising and communication efforts and, if necessary, adjust the current promotion policy.
Thus, by ordering a brand awareness study from us, the Customer will be able to see the complex situation on the market through the eyes of consumers — both your own brand and competitors' brands. This, in turn, will help to adapt the characteristics of the Customer's goods and services to their needs.

As part of these projects, the Customer can also get answers to questions such as:

  • What brands of products are currently purchased;
  • Which product manufacturers/brands do they most often collaborate with/choose?
  • Recent changes in the list of purchased brands;
  • Assessment of the quality of the work of your company and competitors by consumers of products;
  • Main sales channels of competitors;
  • Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of your company and the main competitors in the opinion of consumers;
  • Sources of information that consumers use when choosing a manufacturer;
  • Reason for choosing a manufacturer.

Competitive advantages of our company in carrying out brand awareness projects:

  1. Optimal selection of the base of respondents, taking into account the criteria of the target audience. This is especially important when working on B2B segments, when it is necessary to obtain data from respondents of certain companies of a particular area and scale.
    Over the years of work, we have accumulated a database of contacts of specialists from tens of thousands of organizations in various industries, which we use in new projects.
  2. Agreed correction of the questionnaire. Within the framework of each project, we try to create an optimal questionnaire, which would take into account both the wishes of the Customer in clarifying questions of interest, and the ability of respondents in terms of time and convenience of answers.
  3. At the end of the project, the Customer pays only for effective questionnaires from consumers that meet all the criteria of his target audience. This is achieved by carefully working through the initial database and going through the screening questions at the beginning of the interview.
  4. Based on the conducted surveys, we can provide not only a database with the results of the survey, but a visual presentation that allows you to quickly make informed decisions for the leaders of the Customer.

This service may be of interest not only to market leaders who regularly evaluate their position, but also to new companies just starting to develop their own brand. 

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