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LNG market research


LNG market research

Potential demand for LNG in Russia can be estimated at more than 1-3 million tons per year. However, to date, LNG is produced in the Russian Federation in a small volume, demand and price for it have not been formed.

At the end of 2011, a draft federal law "On the use of gas motor fuel" was submitted to the State Duma. It is aimed at creating the basis for the legal regulation of relations arising in connection with the use of various types of such fuel, including CNG and LNG. In addition, other resolutions and orders were adopted in 2013, which will stimulate the use of LNG as a natural gas motor fuel.

Our study examines LNG demand drivers and constraining factors in small-scale power generation, as a reserve fuel for the UES, fuel for diesel locomotives and energy facilities at Russian Railways, motor fuel for vehicles, fuel for industrial enterprises.

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Project number: API-1595