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Russia - the leader of the world hydrogen energy?!


Russia - the leader of the world hydrogen energy?!

Analysts from the Industrial Information Agency conducted research on the hydrogen energy market.

Hydrogen energy is a unique type of virtually unlimited and environmentally friendly energy resources.

The most promising direction for the development of hydrogen energy – replacement of hydrocarbon fuels with hydrogen in transport systems, primarily in the automotive industry. For about 20 years, hydrogen energy systems have been used in rocket technology as boosters for spacecraft.

Calculation performed by the specialists of the Russian Research Center «Kurchatov Institute» taking into account domestic gas prices, led them to the conclusion that hydrogen will soon be a cheaper source of energy compared to gasoline.

Russia has a high scientific potential and controls 50% of the world's palladium production, the use of which is necessary for the implementation of a number of hydrogen technologies, which creates a favorable situation for the development of hydrogen energy. The main goal of Russian hydrogen programs is to create by 2012 competitive export-oriented developments in this area.

One of such projects promoted by Japanese and Russian experts is the creation of a unique large wind power plant on Sakhalin to establish industrial production of hydrogen on its basis.

The use of hydrogen energy systems is also planned for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The experience of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver showed that this problem can be solved by using vehicles with power plants based on hydrogen technologies. 

See the report for more details: "Market Research hydrogen energy".