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Market for halogen-free compounds


Market for halogen-free compounds

The market for halogen-free compositions in Russia has demonstrated continuous growth over the past few years and reached 9 thousand tons (almost $21 million) in 2014.

The share of halogen-free compositions of foreign production in the Russian market in 2011-2014 amounted to slightly more than 90% both in kind and in monetary terms (8 thousand tons in 2014). While domestic production is represented on the market by only 2 companies: TechInvest-M LLC; and LLC NPF «Bars-2».  At the same time, the share of foreign companies is increasing every year. So in 2011, the supply of imported products directly to end customers was only 14%, and in 2014 this percentage increased to 32.

Based on a number of factors, experts from the Industrial Information Agency revealed an increase in the supply (and consumption) of halogen-free compositions in the Russian market in 2015 by 10%, and by another 15% annually until 2019, when the size of the domestic market for halogen-free compositions will reach 17 thousand tons.

Here you can read the detailed content:  halogen-free compounds market research.

Project number: API-1726