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Increasing demand for propane-butane


Increasing demand for propane-butane

One of the trends in the Russian propane-butane market in recent years is the desire of Russian companies to increase export supplies.

This is due to the domestic market conditions (for more details, see the report of the Industrial Information Agency "Propane-Butane Fraction (PBF) Market Study").
Russian exporters not only increased the volume of exports of their products, but also the price. So the average export prices of PBF for the period 2009-2011. almost doubled.

However, according to industry analysts, the importance of propane-butane mixture in the Russian market, used as a motor fuel, will increase in the next 2-3 years, because its cost is lower compared to gasoline and diesel fuel.
PBF is the main fraction in the production of liquefied hydrocarbon gases.
As part of the Plan for the development of gas and petrochemicals until 2030, the role of LPG in the petrochemical industry will increase in the long term.

According to the Plan, LPG consumption at Russian petrochemical enterprises by 2030 has increased by almost 5 times compared to 2010 and will amount to … 

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