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Increasing demand for exhaust gas cleaning agents


Increasing demand for exhaust gas cleaning agents

Nitrous oxide (N2O) was included in the Kyoto Protocol along with carbon dioxide due to its global warming potential being 310 times greater than CO2. According to experts from the European Union (EU), the largest emissions of nitrogen oxides are produced by road and off-road vehicles. In this regard, in order to reduce NOx emissions, it is extremely important to reduce vehicle emissions, primarily – with diesel engine.

Russia is at the very beginning of the process of improving the environmental situation through the production and use of environmentally friendly diesel fuels. Share  diesel fuel that meets the European standards "Euro-4" currently does not exceed 17–19% of its production in the country.

Insufficiently high quality diesel fuel produced in Russia, as well as difficulties in meeting the standards for emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, creates a need for additional exhaust gas purification.

A large number of diesel engine aftertreatment technologies have been developed. One of the most common in the US and Europe is  SCR technology using AdBlue™ and similar reagents.

According to results of our agency's research with the transition to Euro 4, Euro 5 in the Russian Federation, the demand for AdBlue in the Russian Federation by 2015 may increase hundreds of times and reach the order  240 thousand tons/year  or   240 million euros (with a price at the level of Europe = 1 euro/l).

The expected growth in demand for AdBlue may lead to the creation of its production in Russia on the basis of existing enterprises producing urea.

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