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Databases are systematized information about any objects, results of processes or subject area.

Databases are characterized by completeness, relevance, reliability and hindsight.

It is important to understand the origin of the information contained in the database and to correctly interpret it in the context of a particular task.

Information in databases can be contained in files of various formats, sometimes you need to know a special query language to efficiently retrieve information from the database.

The most commonly used databases are:
- address and telephone database,
- databases of manufacturers of various products,
- statistical databases,
- databases of systematized paid resources,
- legal databases and others.

Databases are of interest to our clients not only as a source, but also as a result of our work.
More often they are interested in databases of potential or real customers or suppliers.

The database of potential customers/suppliers can be formed on the basis of secondary sources. In this case, it is possible to prepare information relatively quickly and inexpensively, but only a part of potential customers or suppliers will correspond to each specific task.

Databases of real customers/suppliers are prepared by combining primary sources of information with secondary sources. In this case, we conduct a targeted selection and verification of each client and supplier, confirming the fact of the possibility of purchasing or supplying certain products - taking into account the technical characteristics, packaging, purchase volume, and other restrictions.