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Patent search in Russian and international resources


Patent search in Russian and international resources

Patent search is the process of selecting relevant documents or information based on one or more criteria from patent documents or data. The search process is carried out from a variety of documents and texts, only those that match the topic or subject of the request.

Patent search is carried out through an information retrieval system and is performed manually or using appropriate computer programs, as well as with the involvement of relevant experts.
The subject of the search is determined based on the specific tasks of patent research of the category of the object (device, method, substance), as well as on what elements, parameters, properties and other characteristics of it are supposed to be investigated.

One of the important stages of a patent search is the selection of keywords, professional concepts, their synonyms, including in the language of the description of the patent base.

Patent search is most often used when assessing the feasibility of creating a new production - to establish contacts with the direct patent owner or his representative.

One of the important indicators is the patent citation index - the frequency of other patents citing it. Through citation it is possible to identify related patents.

The biggest difficulties in working with patent search results:
- incomplete description of the project, available in electronic form,
- frequent lack of feedback from the patent holder,
- lack of confirmed facts of the practical application of the invention.

The search can be conducted in the patent databases of Russia, the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and other countries.