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Systematized paid resources


Systematized paid resources

A huge amount of outdated and conflicting information on the Internet, as well as the market's need for operational data, led to the development of systematization and payment of relevant resources.

This can be either indexed text arrays (for example, Lexis Nexis), subscriptions to periodicals, or numerical information on prices (for example, ICIS LOR), production volumes (for example, Rosstat), stock quotes and other information.

For efficient  use of each of the systematized resources is necessary:
- know the rules for placing data, their structure, the period covered, the time delay in providing information, the order of execution and the query language, 
- understand the limitations and shortcomings of the resource for the correct interpretation of the information received.

Organized paid resources:
- significantly speed up the search for the necessary information, 
- are more up-to-date and accurate, 
- clearly defined product boundaries and conventions, access to historical data
provide an opportunity to analyze time series and events to identify dependencies, make forecasts and other purposes.
- allow you to understand in advance the possible degree of detail and completeness of information, plan the format of the result, the labor intensity of work, improve the quality and productivity of labor due to the formed skills in extracting and processing data.

The need to use systematized paid resources depends both on the tasks set and on their availability in the free part of the Internet.