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Information about the foreign economic activity of enterprises


Information about the foreign economic activity of enterprises

Information on foreign economic activity (export-import)

Information about foreign economic activity is systematized by the customs services of almost all countries of the world.

We use both official and unofficial data for Russia, Ukraine, other CIS countries, the European Union, China and the whole world.

We use information about foreign economic activity to solve various problems:
- assessment of the impact of exports and imports on the market under study,
- measurement of market capacity,
- identification of net importing countries and net exporting countries,
- search for clients in Russia and abroad,
- determination of the market price,
- preparation of justifications for business plans and investment projects,
- compiling a rating of significant importers or exporters of the studied products,
- search for new business opportunities based on import substitution.

Comparative analysis of information from different countries is possible on the basis of harmonized TN VED codes.

In some cases, the description of each shipment is carefully examined for the purpose of relevant selection and assignment of analytical features.