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Interviewing former employees of enterprises


Interviewing former employees of enterprises

The method is used both to obtain information that is often not available from other sources, and to double-check data received from third parties, for example:
- current situation at the enterprise
- functional organizational structure
- distribution of forces among top managers
- real owners of the enterprise
- current regulations, procedures and business processes,
- strengths and weaknesses
- information about technology and technical equipment
- various violations 
- other insider information.

An important issue for us is the identification of competencies - both of the interviewee and other specialists of the enterprise.

If an employee has worked at an enterprise for several years, then trusting relationships with former colleagues often remain, so most often he can be aware of ongoing events even after his departure.

An employee's awareness is largely determined by the range of his real job duties and curiosity. Depending on the task, we may be interested not only in top managers, but also in ordinary employees of commercial and financial services, economic engineers, technologists, etc.

Any person can tell superficial information. Willingness to share delicate moments is determined by the degree of decency and loyalty. In addition, the moment of dismissal leaves an imprint - if the separation took place at the initiative of the administration, then even decent companies appear through the prism of resentment and injustice.

Former employees of enterprises may be of interest without being tied to their specific place of work (that is, their competencies and knowledge are important) in other cases:
- conducting an expert interview
- hiring for temporary or permanent work