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Survey of the environment of the enterprise and its competitors


Survey of the environment of the enterprise and its competitors

Most often, this method is used to assess the reliability of a partner, client or supplier, less often it is an element of due diligence, that is, a set of measures for assessing risks when buying a business.

Certainly, customers often use formal methods of assessing trustworthiness - studying credit history, analyzing financial and economic activities (AFKhD), studying registration and constituent documents, etc.

Not all organizations have credit histories, and even several loans returned to their bank on time do not guarantee decency in relations with other companies.

You can rely on AFHD only if the company does not use tax optimization schemes, and they are used by almost everyone. Therefore, even a loss-making enterprise can be reliable, and vice versa, a profitable company may not fulfill its obligations on time.

Therefore, we conduct an informal assessment of the reliability of companies by collecting feedback about the object of study and its managers from the closest environment

At the first stage, companies, enterprises, banks, state and municipal bodies are selected, which most likely had any business relations with the object of study.

At the second stage, contact persons are searched for who, according to the profile of their activities, had or have business ties with the object of study
Sometimes the circle of people expands to former and current colleagues and subordinates.

At the third stage, the found contact persons ascertain the nature of the fulfillment of their obligations by the object of study. 
If possible, the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of obligations is personified to individual managers and detailed to specific cases.

At the final stage, the collected information is summarized, an informal conclusion is prepared on the reliability of the object of study and its managers.

It is normal for every 20 reviews to have 1-2 negative reviews.