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Written requests


Written requests

The essential difference between the study of b2b markets (from b2c markets) is that the main object of study is the organization.
And organizations usually communicate with each other using letters or other documents.

That's why we actively use written requests in our work.
They can be prepared to be sent by various communication channels - both within Russia and abroad.

Not every request can get the desired response.

Particular attention is paid to:
- selection of the addressee, that is, compliance with the necessary information, awareness or job responsibilities,
- reasonableness of the appeal,
- motivation for providing interesting information, 
- clearly communicate the expected response,

Special attention has to be paid to requests to government agencies, since just one (!) extra or missing word can lead to a refusal to provide the requested information.

Knowledge of the laws, accepted rules of document flow, regulations and procedures, and when communicating with foreign organizations - the rules of business circulation of the respective country, allow you to receive the necessary information in a reasonable time.