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Market research of rosin ester market


Дата разработки: 31.10.2019

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Market research of rosin ester market


1. General information on rosin esters

1.1. Assortment of rosin esters produced and consumed in the Russian market

1.2. Technical characteristics of rosin esters

1.3. Rosin ether substitutes (petroleum resins): Consumer interchangeability assessment

2. Russian production of rosin esters

2.1. Dynamics of rosin esters production in Russia in 2016-2018

2.2. Production structure of rosin esters in Russia by manufacturers

2.3. Dossier on Russian manufacturers of rosin esters:

  • Manufacturer's address
  • The structure of the company
  • Main products
  • Assortment of rosin esters
  • Production volumes of rosin esters
  • Rosin esters capacity utilization level, causes of underloading
  • Plans to increase the production of rosin esters

3. Russia's foreign trade with rosin esters

3.1. Dynamics of exports, imports of rosin esters by type in 2016-2018 in physical and monetary terms

3.2. The main foreign suppliers of rosin esters to the Russian market

3.3. Rosin ester export price level

3.4. The price level of rosin esters of foreign manufacturers

4. Information on the consumption of rosin esters in Russia

4.1. The dynamics of rosin esters consumption in 2016-2018

4.2. The main sectors consuming rosin esters, development prospects

4.3. Dossier on the largest consumers of rosin esters:

  • Address and contact information
  • Main products
  • Consumption
  • Purchase features

5. Overview of the global rosin ester market

6. Rosin ester market trends

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