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ADBLUE reagent market research (AUS 32 nitrogen oxides reducer)


Дата разработки: 15.08.2016

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ADBLUE reagent market research (AUS 32 nitrogen oxides reducer)



assessment of production capacities;

assessment of the volume of international trade and import/export (historical data and forecast);

Assessment of a competitive market situation;

determination of the most promising areas of product sale;

Analysis of the price situation and the preparation of medium -term forecast;

Analysis of market development in the medium term and price forecast.

Research structure:

1. Description of the product and areas of application

2. Production analysis:

Production capacities and the actual volume of production;

The main market players (both manufacturers and suppliers/distributors)

Trends, prospects and forecast of market development.

3. Market volume:

Market volume, dynamics in recent years, development prospects.

4. Schemes of sales and distribution:

Operational analysis of leading market players: strategy for promotion and sales, delivery scheme, packaging;

The legislation regulating the market (certification, duties (customs, anti -dumping, etc.), imported tariffs.

5. Price analysis:

Prices of manufacturers and distributors;

Sales prices (indicating the supply base);

Premium prices of manufacturers/distributors in separate market segments;

6. Consumption:

The volume of consumption, segmentation in the context of consumption areas and geographical segments in recent years, development prospects;

Analysis of consumers (a list of consumers with addresses, contact information and consumer volume),

Trends and development prospects in the context of final consumption segments;

7. Summary. Main conclusions. Adblue reagent market development prospects

File name: ТЗ-278-2016