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Studies of the Russian market for basic epoxy resins


Дата разработки: 11.09.2015

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Studies of the Russian market for basic epoxy resins

1.1. The allocation of the total volume of imports of basic epoxy resins. 2012-2014

1.2. Information on the main manufacturers

- Dynamics of supplies 2012-2014.

- The location of the capacity

- Basic supplied brands

- Prices for the main supplied brands

1.3. The structure of the purpose of the base epoxy resins of foreign production presented on the market (if possible)

- for repair and reconstruction

- hybrid decorative powder coatings

- powder coatings for containers

- production of paintwork materials

- for the production of other epoxy resins and for the production of anti -corrosion coatings

1.4. Structure for delivered forms (liquid, in the form of flakes, scales, etc.) (if possible)

1.5. The current situation and the dynamics of the development of Russian production of basic epoxy resins in recent years (based on customer materials and content analysis)

2. Analysis of demand conjuncture

2.1. Determination of the most significant industries/segments of the consumption of basic epoxy resins

2.2. Formation of the consolidated database of end potential consumers.

2.3. The study of large consumers (TOP-30 in the most significant industries). For each company, the following information will be presented: the cost of information for 1 company:

- General targeted data

- Specialization of the company (segment)

- the main directions of using basic epoxy resins

- manufacturers, brands of basic epoxy resins used

- type of ES used (Diana, Novolachny)

- Form (liquid, hard)

- Key consumer characteristics

- Tara

- the volume of consumption in 2014, t

- readiness/conditions for the transition to the use of BES of the new Russian manufacturer

- plans to increase the volume of procurement, conditions for increasing

2.4. The prospects for creating new production of compositions based on BES in Russia

3. Analysis, conclusions, forecasts

3.1. The dynamics and prospect of the development of the Russian market for basic epoxy resins

3.2. Comparative table of characteristics of the main brands and their areas of application of those presented in the Russian market

3.3. Assessment of the potential for replacing part of imported supplies to the products of the new Russian manufacturer

3.4. Assessment of the prospects of promoting basic epoxy resins in the Russian market

File name: ТЗ-315-2015