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Study of the market of composite containers and pipes


Дата разработки: 19.05.2015

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Study of the market of composite containers and pipes

Part 1. The market of composite containers and pipes in the Russian Federation

1. The volume and structure of the market

2. Analysis of the competitive environment

2.2. SWOT analysis of manufacturers

2.3. Domestic production

2.4. Imported deliveries

3.2. Characterization of the channels of movement

4. Pricing

4.2. Vacation prices of manufacturers

4.3. Bulk prices

4.4. Retail prices

4.5. Prices that determine the movement of prices

5.2. Technology development trends

5.3. Competition forecast

Part 2. Prospects for the organization of the production of composite pipes and containers

6. Product competitive factors

7.2. Analysis of the current sentence

8.2. Expected sales volumes for segments

9.2. Marketing strategies

File name: ТЗ-171K-2015