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Review of the Russian market of 2.4-diclorophenixic acid


Дата разработки: 15.07.2017

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Review of the Russian market of 2.4-diclorophenixic acid

1. Summary: conclusions on the study of the roar

2. General information about 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid

2.1. Characteristics of 2.4-diclorophenixic acid

2.2. Fields of use of 2.4-diclorophenioxic acid

2.3. Methods or production technologies of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid

2.4. By -products of production (waste), the degree of their danger

2.5. Substitutes

2.6. Applicability of processing products of 2.4-diclorophenixic acid (esters, etc.)

3. General parameters of the Russian market of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid

3.1. The availability of production in Russia

3.2. Plans for creating new production of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid in Russia

3.3. The volume of imports of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid in 2014..2016

3.4. Evaluation of the capacity of the market of 2.4-dichlorophenixic acid in 2016

3.5. Share of Russian and foreign products

3.6. The most popular concentration of 2.4-diclorophenixic acid

4. The dynamics of the market capacity of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid in 2014-2016. in natural and monetary terms

5. Analysis of the supply in the market

5.1. Main manufacturers and suppliers

5.2. The volume of supplies in 2014-2016.

5.3. Changing the structure of supplies on countries of origin

5.4. The dynamics of price levels in 2014-2016.

6. Analysis of demand in the market of 2.4-dichlorophenoxic acid

6.1. The main wholesale buyers

6.2. The affiliation of wholesale buyers with manufacturers

6.3. The volume of purchases 2014-2016

6.4. Seasonality of demand or supply

7. Prospects and forecast of market development until 2022

7.1 Factors affecting the market of 2.4-diclorophenoxic acid

7.2 degree of state regulation of the industry

7.3 The main trading companies in the Russian market

File name: ТЗ-256-2017