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Calcinated soda study of the global market


Дата разработки: 14.08.2017

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Calcinated soda study of the global market

Subject and geography of research

  • Basic products: calcified soda (light/heavy), food soda - the world market
  • Speaking product: calcium chloride (providing ready -made research)
  • Production departure: distiller fluid (regional market)
  • Production processing products: calcium peroxide, etc. (identifying the availability of such products and areas of use)

Basic product: calcified soda (light/heavy), food soda

  • Analysis of existing and potential consumption volumes
  • Analysis of existing and potential consumer markets
  • Analysis of supply and demand
  • Analysis of potential product markets

The format of the result

1. Conjuncture of consumption

- The volume of soda consumption in the world market 2012-2016. (calcified food)

- main countries consumers of calcified and baking soda foreign production (volume of tons demand) (Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Great Britain, etc.)

- Factors affecting the increase in consumption in the world market in the main countries of calculated /baking soda consumers

- Prospects for the development of the main consuming segments: glass industry (glass packaging, leaf glass, chemical (production of trolifosphate sodium, SMS and soap, etc.), mining industry, etc.

- forecast for the consumption of calcified and baking soda in the world market of 2030. including in the context of the main consumer countries

- a list of large final consumer companies indicating contact details, specialization, products, types of soda used, evaluative volume of soda consumption

2. Production conjuncture

- The structure and dynamics of world production (2012-2016.

- The forecast of world production of calcified soda 2030.

3. Conclusions forecasts

Forecast for the balance of demand/proposals of soda soda and baking soda in the world market until 2030

Analysis of competitiveness

1. A comparative analysis of existing manufacturers from Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Turkey based on the following data:

- used raw materials,

- energy resources,

- technology,

- Logistics,

- sales prices,

- Other parameters

2. Information about the main competitors: the list and brief characteristics of enterprises, investment projects implemented or planned for implementation, a brief description of projects.

3. A comparative table of competitiveness factors at the level of enterprises. The necessary competitive advantages for the new manufacturer.

Forecasts of entry into international markets

1. The forecast (assessment) of potential sales volumes based on the analysis of competitiveness.

2. Factors that will contribute to the development of the market or complicate.

3. Recommendations for entering

4. Potential sales schemes (participants, supply areas)

Principles and options for determining the price of the product. Price stability and price trend forecast

1. The historical minimum price of the product + reasons (2012-2016)

2. Pricing factors in the soda soda

3. The forecast of price trends taking into account natural and price factors until 2030

Assessment of the total sales and identification of key consumers

- Assessment of the capacity of the Russian market 2015

- assessment of the capacities of the main manufacturers and actual production

- the availability of domestic consumption and processing indicating the types of products received

- structure of consumption of calcium chloride in the regions of the Russian Federation

- structure of consumption of calcium chloride according to the sectors of use, the largest consumers

Distiller liquid


  • Assessment of the total volume of the Russian market
  • The main consumers

Production processing products

  • Identification of promising products of production waste processing
  • Identification of areas of application and promising sales areas of identified products

File name: ТЗ-306-2017