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Study of the market for thermodynamic hydrator formation inhibitors


Дата разработки: 21.11.2017

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Study of the market for thermodynamic hydrator formation inhibitors

1. Analysis of the market for the consumption of thermodynamic hydrate formation inhibitors (hereinafter - the inhibitor) in the period 2016 - 2025. Forecast for the nomenclature and the structure of inhibitors' consumption by industries and regions:

1.1. Analysis and assessment of the general situation in the inhibitors market in the Russian Federation. The structure of the consumption of inhibitors in industry, large companies, regions. The ratio of imports is also inside Russian deliveries.

1.2. Analysis and assessment of market capacity (based on statistical information and expert survey of market participants, procurement data) in the Russian Federation for the period 2016-2025.

1.3. The prediction of the probability of the emergence of new large consumers of inhibitors in the medium term.

1.4. A forecast assessment of the demand/supply balance in the medium term, taking into account the possibility of the emergence of new manufacturers and consumers of inhibitors.

1.5. Identification of products (types of inhibitors) having the greatest commercial interest.

1.6. The name of inhibitors produced in the Russian Federation, their composition, technical conditions, brands.

1.7. The forecast of the dynamics of production and consumption in the Russian Federation for the period 2018-2025. various types of inhibitors, depending on the method of their production.

1.8. Assessment of a competitive environment.

1.9. Analysis and forecasting of the price of a unit of production (by the main brands of inhibitors) in the Russian Federation for the period 2016-2025.

2. Technology for the production of inhibitors. Review of the main technical solutions. The largest manufacturers of inhibitors in the Russian Federation.

2.1 General information about the thermodynamic hydrate formation inhibitors:

2.1.1 Classification, characteristics, method of production, area of ​​application by industry.

2.1.2 Requirements for inhibitors in connection with the technical requirements of the oil and gas companies of the Russian Federation.

2.1.3 Features of the technology for the production of types of inhibitors for various purposes (for oil and gas industries).

2.1.4 Features of storage and transportation of inhibitors.

2.1.5 Types and purpose of modifying additives.

2.2 Characteristics of the main manufacturers in the Russian Federation (LLC "Master-Kemikalz", LLC "Mirrico", LLC "Kogalymsky factory of chemicals", LLC Novakhim, etc.)

2.2.1 Brief description of production technology

2.2.2 Contact information

2.2.3 Nomenclature of products

2.2.4 production volumes

2.2.5 The price situation

2.2.6 Main consumers at present

2.2.7 plans for expanding and modernizing production

2.3 consumers of inhibitors in the Russian Federation

Composition of information for each consumer:

- address and contact information.

- A brief description of.

- Production products.

- current suppliers of inhibitors, including:

- Assessment of consumer satisfaction with high-quality and price indicators of inhibitors.

- determination of the degree of influence of various factors (quality, territorial location, price, so on) when choosing a supplier of inhibitors.

-the evidence of the parameters and characteristics of the most competitive brands

- identification of demand in the market of the most popular brands of inhibitors.

- Criteria for choosing a supplier.

- readiness and conditions of cooperation with new suppliers.

3. Conclusions in all the stage

File name: ТЗ-424-2017