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Study of the prospects for the development of redistribution of basic nitrogen production products


Дата разработки: 24.04.2017

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Study of the prospects for the development of redistribution of basic nitrogen production products

Stage 1

1.1. Formation of a list of at least 10 potential products.

1.2. The collection of information for the comparative analysis of selected products to allocate the most promising for further study. The following information will be presented for each product

1.2.1. Market type (regional, federal, international)

1.2.2. Assessment of the total volume of the Russian product market

1.2.3. Assessment of prospects for increasing the volume of the Russian market

1.2.4. The presence in Russia and developments in the field of the creation of this product (manufacturers/institutes)

1.2.5. Types of basic raw materials and the presence of their production in Russia

1.2.6. The total number of world manufacturers and their location

1.2.7. Assessment of the scale of international trade product

1.2.8. Relationship with other production processes of the customer

1.3. Based on the results of the 1st stage, 3 products will be selected for further study

1.4. (Methods of stage 1: preliminary selection of products will be made on the basis of the following factors

- development in the field of creating the production of production processing products of multi-tonnage production production of Kapropolaktam and Isoprene (example, sorrower plasticitic adipinic acid, etc.)

- Analysis of the range of leading Russian and world producers of nitrogen fertilizers (Agrium, Yara, Potashcorp, Terra, etc.)

- Analysis of the produced assortment of leading Russian and world manufacturers of Kapropolaktam (BASF, DSM, UBE Group, Honeywell (Hopewell), Sinopec, Lanxess, Mitsubishi Chemical, Sumitomo Chemical & Co, CPDC (China PetroChem Ical Development Corporation))

- Analysis of developments in the field of creating new products of leading manufacturers of nitrogen fertilizers and kaprolactama.)

Stage 2

2.1. For each of the selected 3 products, the following information will be presented:

2.1.1. Market volume taking into account the type of market ((regional, federal, international)

2.1.2. Features of the balance of demand/market offers, taking into account the type of market

- volume of production and net imports in the context of countries

- volume of production and imports in the Russian Federation

- the volume of production in the region and the supply of products from other regions

2.1.3. Plans for changing demand in the market (taking into account the type of market)

2.1.4. Plans for changing production in the market (taking into account the type of market)

2.1.5. The forecast for the balance of demand of supply until 2022. (surplus or deficit)

2.1.6. The price level in the product market, taking into account its type. Factors and price forecasts

2.1.7. Competitive environment

- current manufacturers,

- The produced assortment,

- financial indicators,

- Assessment of product production volume

- Power,

- Loading level

- competitive advantages

2.2. Based on the analysis of all information received, recommendations will be given in terms of sales:

- Promising sales areas

- potential sales volume in the context in directions, taking into account the prospects of market development

2.3. Calculation of vacation prices taking into account the price at the border of the Russian Federation and the cost of delivery.

3.1. Identification of owners/developers of products production technologies

3.2. Formation of the questionnaire/request, taking into account the potential volumes of production at the customer capacities to obtain data by technology parameters and license prices

3.3. Negotiating and receiving comparative offers on technology from at least 2 licensor for each product

3.4. Assessment of pluses and minuses of technologies, recommendations on choosing

Stage 4

4.1. Preparation of a consolidated analytical report and presentation conclusions about competitiveness, pricing and the appropriateness of the production of potential products.

File name: ТЗ-152-2017