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Study to identify promising chemical products markets


Дата разработки: 23.10.2020

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Study to identify promising chemical products markets

1. The diagnostic stage (preliminary consultations with the customer)
The purpose of the stage is to collect the initial formalized and informal data
1.1 Identification of the initial options for choosing a business for diversification (volume of alleged investments, professional experience, interests and priorities)
1.2 Obtaining information about the existing capabilities (area area, composition and condition of structures, composition and functionality of equipment, power power, gas, pair, water treatment and water treatment, etc.)
1.3 Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise (on the basis of a survey or survey of top managers and key employees, personal visit)
The formulation of competitive advantages
2. The search stage
The formation of a preliminary reasonable list of business directions (up to ten directions) based:
  • on the community of technological processes
  • on the community of segments of consumption
  • on free power and gas capacities
  • on other competitive advantages
  • On the potential of import substitution
  • Based on benchmarking (analysis of foreign manufacturers)
3. The qualifying stage
3.1 A brief overview of the selected directions (each direction separately)
3.1.1 The main characteristics of the market
3.1.2 Assessment of market volume for 2019
3.1.3 Assessment of single production capacity
3.1.4 Key raw materials
3.1.5 Assessment of factors affecting the development of the direction (accessibility of key raw materials, technologies, etc.), identifying the missing competitive advantages
3.1.6 The declared investment projects in Russia in this area.
3.2 Determination of the 3rd most promising areas (based on the results of the discussion with the customer)
4. Research stage
Research stage
  • To assess the potential volume of sales - the volume of the Russian market in monetary and natural terms for 2019, the share of imported products;
  • The price of prices for products of foreign and Russian production;
  • To assess the competitive environment - the number and scale of the manufacturers, the volume of production and the loading level of the TOP -5 of the main manufacturers;
  • For assessing demand - the main consuming industries + market forecast until 2025;
  • To assess the feasibility of investments: positive and negative factors of the entry of a new manufacturer, assessment of the potential share of the new manufacturer, evaluation
Content of stage 4.
4.1 Description of the development of the direction in the Sales region
4.2 volume of the Russian market in monetary and natural terms for 2017..2019
4.3 The share of imported products (import substitution potential)
4.4 The price level for the products of foreign and Russian production
4.5 competitive environment. Scale of activity and profitability of manufacturers
4.6 production volume and loading level of the main manufacturers
4.7 The main consuming industries
4.8 Overview of the largest consumers (TOP-5)
  • Companies profiles (name, location, contact details, industry affiliation and brief description)
  • Assessment of the average annual consumption volumes
4.9 General description of production technology and key equipment used
4.10 Assessment of current market development trends. Modern trends and trends in consumption
4.11 SWOT Analysis of the implementation of the investment project
4.12 market forecast until 2025
4.13 Assessment of the risks of direction, seasonality of the business, positive and negative factors of the entry of a new manufacturer,
4.14 Assessment of the potential share of the new manufacturer (in monetary terms), provided that competitive prices and the level of quality
4.15 Assessment of the cost of missing equipment and specialists
Recommendations for entering the market:
4.16.1 Conditions for entering the market of a new Russian manufacturer of each market
4.16.2 Recommendations for each of the markets (positive and negative factors for entry)
Recommendations for a new manufacturer (potential sales volume, technical parameters of products, price levels, promising directions and sales channels)
File name: ТЗ-2020-379