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Study of the market of agrochemical reagents based on monochloroxic acid -based


Дата разработки: 13.05.2020

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Study of the market of agrochemical reagents based on monochloroxic acid -based

The boundaries of the study:
- monochlororoxic acid;
- glycine (aminouxic acid);
-glyphosate (n- (phosphonomethyl)-glycine);
-2.4-D (2.4-diclorophenoxic acid);
-MCPA (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxic acid);
- Edta (ethylendiamintetraxic acid) and trilon B (dynatrium salt ethylendiamintetraxic acid);
- carboximethyl cellulose.
1. The status of scientific developments
1.1. Analytical review of scientific literature and patents
1.2. List of basic technology developers;
1.3. The main processes of production (process conditions, hardware, used catalysts, auxiliary joints, raw materials, analytical production control);
1.4. Review of licensed technologies (sources, accessibility, licensed companies).
2. Review of the principle technological production schemes
2.1. Review of principle technological schemes
2.2. Assessment of expenditure norms of raw materials, energy resources, product output.
2.3. Preliminary assessment of capital and operating costs
2.4. Assessment of the availability of raw materials.
2.5. The list and standards of production waste generated.
2.6. Assessment of production toxicity (initial, intermediate and final products) in relation to a person in accordance with the standards of the EU and the Russian Federation.
3. Review of the production of Ar-mkhuk.
3.1. Foreign trade statistics and tender documentation analysis.
3.2. Collection and analysis of data at the price of commercially affordable products (considered products and their analogues) with price forecast until 2025.
3.3. The main segments of consumption, consumer companies and manufacturers (with production and consumption volumes).
3.4. Products-substitutes (if any) are their volumes of production and consumption in the Russian Federation.
3.5. Key trends affecting consumption.
3.6. Consumer profiles.
3.7. Balance of production and consumption in the Russian Federation. The dynamics of growth in consumption and production with breakdown by regions, with a forecast until 2025.
3.8. Analysis of projects implemented and planned for the implementation of new capacities of the products under consideration and their functional analogues.
4. Expert assessment of the prospects of the production of agrochemical reagents based on monochloroxic acid.
4.1. Compilation of the implementation schedule and financial and economic model (model on paper and electronic format in Excel format with the calculation of IRR, PP, DPP, NPV);
4.2. Expert assessment of the economic efficiency of production.
File name: ТЗ-2020-150