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Research on the market of Argon, Crypton and Xenon


Дата разработки: 27.10.2021

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Research on the market of Argon, Crypton and Xenon

The Russian market of Argon

2.1. The dynamics of the production of the Argon of the gaseous and liquid, thousand m. 3 in 2017-2021. In the context of manufacturers
2.2. The dynamics of export, import of argon thousand m. 3 in 2017-2021.

World and Russian market Ksenon and Crypton

2.1. Identification and study of consumers of xenon and crypton in the commodity market (30 significant end consumers from various directions of use (volumes of use per year, characteristics, suppliers) (based on the declared data)
2.2. The price parameters of the Ksenon and Crypton market 2017-2021. (declared purchase prices for argon of various characteristics and areas of use, declared
2.3. Assessment of the total volume of the Russian market of xenon and crypton per year (based on identified and studied consumers), market development trends until 2025
3.1. Assessment of the global market of Xenon and Crypton, market development trends, participants, precedents of supply between producers and consumers of different countries
3.2. Import/export of crypton and xenon to the world market from Russia, 2017-202017.
File name: ТЗ-2021-275