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Study of the market of compounds, adhesives, sealants


Дата разработки: 14.12.2020

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Study of the market of compounds, adhesives, sealants

compounds, adhesive, sealants
1. Bending and impregnation compounds and sealants (including sealing printed circuit boards of radio-and electrical purposes) with a chemical basis:
  • Epoxignum
  • Epoxy
  • Silicon organic
  • Bismalemid
  • Oligo -embrylate
  • Silicon organic
2. anaerobic adhesives (adhesives), anaerobic sealant
3. impregnating compositions
4. Epoxy metal -filled compounds
5. Electro insulating casual adhesives
6. Structural acrylic adhesives
7. The composition for the repair of steam pipelines
8. Flows of ultraviolet curing
9. Water -dispersive acrylic adhesives
10. Acrylic organic adhesives
11. Melts adhesives
1. The dynamics of the volume of compound production, in the Russian Federation and their use.
2. Demand for compounds in the Russian Federation.
3. Analysis of compound manufacturers in the Russian Federation.
4. Analysis of compound consumers and areas of use in the Russian Federation.
5. Analysis of foreign trade operations with compounds: import / export.
6. The main market trends, the main factors affecting the development of the market.
7. Forecast of market development.
File name: ТЗ-2020-433-4