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Research of the market of silicon compounds


Дата разработки: 21.03.2019

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Research of the market of silicon compounds

The commodity boundaries of the study - products of the silicon:

  • Trimetyl chlorsilan (TMXS)
  • Methyltrichlorsylane (MTHS)
  • Dimethylydichlorsilan (DMDHS)
  • Ventimerizate (VHI)
  • Polymethylsiloxane liquids (PMS)
  • Hydridsilsanic liquid (GSG)
  • Siliconxic emulsions
  • Methylcrenegel (mcg)
  • Caliy methylikonate (Moscow time)
  • Silicon pyrogenic dioxide
  • Other products that are included in the same codes as the above.

Import analysis format:

  1. The name of the manufacturer (Down, Wacker, BlueStar, Momentive, Zhejiang Sucon Silicone, etc.)
  2. Name of product
  3. Product brand
  4. The country of origin of products,
  5. Weight, kg
  6. Cost, dollars.
  7. Importer
File name: ТЗ-84-2019