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Study of the low -pressure sheet market (PND)


Дата разработки: 08.05.2018

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Study of the low -pressure sheet market (PND)

Subject of research: leaf PND

Objects of research: consumers of leaf polyethylene of low pressure in segments such as:

  • vehicles (equipment of equipment, shelters, exterior details);
  • containers, packaging and transportation (pallets, containers for storing products and chemical reagents);
  • Sports products (sports equipment; hockey boxes, artificial rollers)
  • Construction (decorative facing panels, roofing and flooring, ponds and cups of pools, geogrids and geomembranes)

Stage 1. The formation of a preliminary list of potential consumers of leaf polyethylene based on their specialization in companies and the range produced.

As a result of this stage, a database of 100 companies will be formed, the following information will be presented for each company:

  • General targeted data

  • Assortment produced
  • Scale of activity (revenue for the year)

Stage 2. For each segment, 10-15 of the most significant companies will be allocated and the data collection has been produced for each company:

  • Confirmation of the purchase of sheet PND from a third -party supplier
  • Ton purchase volume/year
  • Requirements for products (monolithic, pressed, chemical, frost -resistant, impact -resistant, etc.)
  • Readiness and conditions of transition to the new PND supplier (price level)
File name: ТЗ-137-2018