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Methanol market research


Дата разработки: 15.10.2019

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Methanol market research

1 section. General information about the methanol market

1.1. Market size and assessment of the significance of the customer (degree of influence as a consumer);

1.2. The main factors affecting the development of the market, growth rates

1.3. The dynamics of average market prices 2016-2018.

1.4. Distribution of production in the context of geography

1.5. The presence/absence of seasonal fluctuations in production, demand and prices;

1.5. Factors affecting the price

1.6. Forecast of market development trends and its price dynamics for the foreseeable period (up to 3 years)

1.7. The dynamics of the company's purchase prices for the period (3-5 of the last years) in comparison with the dynamics of average market prices

2. Section. Analysis of the procurement by other large buyers primarily in the region of the project (Krasnoyarsk and Blagiary territories), as well as large buyers of a comparable volume

2.1. Identification of large buyers in the region of the project

2.2. Analysis of the declared procurement of large consumers of the project:

  • The volume of purchases
  • Prices for methanol
  • working conditions with suppliers (logistics, frequency, etc.)
  • Requirements for suppliers
  • Methanol suppliers
  • The difference between the starting price and the winner price

3. Section. Formation of the register of potential suppliers of methanol for the needs of the customer

3.1. Formation of the database of all potential methanol suppliers for the needs of the customer

3.2. Classification of suppliers (global, local, universal, niche, etc.)

3.3. The preparation of the through rating of potential suppliers of methanol, taking into account the geography of the supply and the scale of potential supplies

3.4. Identifying the level of readiness to cooperate on the supply of methanol Norilskgazprom

3.5. The formation of a methodology for evaluating potential suppliers and the preparation of a single final rating

4. Section. Development of methanol procurement policy

4.1. Volumes and frequency of delivery

  • The optimal form of the transaction is a standard (one -time) delivery contract, a framework agreement with a specific transaction limit / without a specific transaction limit, a price list, a fixed volume, an option with an optional volume (commodity option), an agreement with sliding terms, etc.
  • the need and justification of consolidation / crushing volumes
  • the frequency of delivery, taking into account seasonality and the specifics of the logistics chain;
  • Recommendations for building a schedule plan (calendar of contracting and supply indicating the frequencies and volumes of delivery), taking into account the specifics of the category, the logistics model and the requirements of the functional customer.

4.2. Prices

  • optimal form of pricing (fixed price, formal calculation procedure);
  • the possibility of expanding the planning horizon, the transition to medium-term (up to 3 years) Contracting with price indexing on published indices
  • preferred calendar periods for procurement procedures when purchasing an annual volume by category with seasonal price of price;

4.3. Forms and tools of procurement

  • analysis of possible forms and tools for purchasing, justification of the preferred form and tool for conducting procurement procedures (open / price request / request for proposals);
  • a list of block factors mandatory for use in qualification of suppliers;
  • a list of suppliers, necessarily invited to participate in procurement procedures;
  • Criteria for qualifications of suppliers to involve them in procurement procedures
  • recommended matrix of evaluating proposals, OSV during procurement activities;
File name: ТЗ-349-2019