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Study of the market for products from PVC and substitutes in the Russian Federation


Дата разработки: 05.04.2022

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Study of the market for products from PVC and substitutes in the Russian Federation

Goal of the work:
  • PVC window profile market + essentials (aluminum, wooden)
  • The market of siding and PVC panels + substitutes (metal, pp, wood. All profiles for decoration and general-maintaining, vicinated window sills, skirting boards, cable-corn, moldings)
  • The market of films and sheets from PVC + Products of the substitut (PE, PP, PET)
  • PVC cable plastic market + substitutes (PE)
  • PVC pipe market + substitutes (metal, PE, PP)
  • Membrane/moisture -proof coatings from PVC+ substitutes (bitumen)

Research content:

1. The market of products of the Russian Federation:
1.1. The volume of visible consumption
1.2. Market structure: production, export, import, consumption
1.3. The structure of consumption in federal districts
1.4. Balance of production and consumption
2. Product production:
2.1. Volume of production
2.2. Production structure by f
2.3. Investment projects in the industry
3. Import of products in the Russian Federation:
3.1 dynamics of Russian imports in natural terms (tons); The main importers companies.
3.2 Structure of Russian import of products by regions of receipt (customs clearance) in the Russian Federation. (%).
3.3 shares of the largest countries in Russian imports, (%).
4. Export of products from the Russian Federation:
4.1 The dynamics of Russian exports of products in natural terms (tons); The main exporting companies.
4.2 Structure of Russian exports of products from the regions of the Russian Federation (in %).
4.3 shares of the largest destinations in Russian export of products (%)
5. Competitive analysis of key market participants.
5.1. Information maps of leading manufacturing companies, including:
  • The name of the company, which make up its composition. persons, form of ownership;
  • location of the company;
  • dynamics of revenue and other financial indicators; revenue assessment;
  • production nomenclature, brands (brands);
  • characteristics of the main types of products;
  • Geography of presence: regions of sales of products in the Russian Federation; export countries (export);
  • production capacity; production development plans;
  • the main channels of the sale of products;
  • dealer network (in the presence of information);
  • assessment of production volumes, including in the main commodity groups;
  • Assessment of company development prospects.
    5.2 Russian manufacturers of products, their production volumes and market shares
    5.3 Comparative competitive analysis of leading market players.
    File name: ТЗ-2022-82