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Research of the market of urotropin


Дата разработки: 10.09.2019

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Research of the market of urotropin

1.1. Key characteristics of urotropin, synonyms

1.2. Consumer properties of various grades of urotropin

2. Production of urotropin in Russia

2.1. Capacity for the production of urotropin in enterprises

2.2. The volume of urotropin production in 2016-2018 in kind, all and in manufacturers, the level of power loading

2.3. Plans for expanding or creating the production of urotropin

3. Foreign trade in Russia

3.1. The export of urotropin from Russia in 2016-2018 in kind and monetary terms, all and manufacturers

3.2. Level dynamics price for urotropins in 2016-2018

3.3. Import of Urotropine to Russia in 2016-2018 in natural and monetary terms

4. Consumption of urotropin in Russia

4.1. Assessment of the volume of urotropin consumption in Russia in 2016-2018

4.2. The market shares of the main participants in the urotropin market in Russia according to the results of 2018

4.3. The main segments of the urotropin market in Russia (list)

4.4. The structure of the consumption of urotropin in Russia

5. The world market of urotropin

5.1. Assessment of world consumption of urotropin

5.2. Single capacities for the production of urotropin of some manufacturers created from 2010 to 2019

5.3. Assessment of the level of deficiency/excess capacity for the production of urotropin

File name: ТЗ-306-2019