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Studies of the anticular acid market and its salts


Дата разработки: 16.05.2018

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Studies of the anticular acid market and its salts

  • Formic acid
  • Format potassium
  • Format of calcium
  • Format sodium
  • Calcium chloride
  • Calcium bromide
  • Sodium nitrate

Data format for each product:

  1. Review of domestic and foreign manufacturers of the product present in the market
  2. Review of product consumers in Russia. Consumption forecast in the horizon of 2016-2021. Consumption volumes of 10 large consumers
  3. Export data. Indication of manufacturers exporting these substances (liquid, dry), volumes. Export Forecast 2016-2021
  4. Data on imports of these substances. An indication of manufacturers importing these substances (liquid, dry), volumes. Forecast of volume 2016-2021.
  5. The declared value of the import of these substances into the territory of the Russian Federation
  6. Review of the consumption sectors and the trends of their development
  7. The growth rate of consumption in Russia in the horizon 2016-2021
  8. Assessment of international trade volumes. The most significant countries importers
File name: ТЗ-155-2018