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Study of the market of the highest paraffins C19-C35 and Cerezin


Дата разработки: 01.02.2016

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Study of the market of the highest paraffins C19-C35 and Cerezin

1. Assessment of demand:

1.1. Assessment of the capacity of the Russian Paraffin and Cerezin market

1.2. Direction of demand for consumption segments

1.3. The largest Russian buyers (consumers or trading companies)

1.4. The largest foreign buyers and contract prices for them.

1.5. Market prices for paraffin and Cerezin

1.6. Calculation of the alternative value of paraffin and cerezin

2. Assessment of the offer:

2.1. The main Russian manufacturers of paraffin and Cerezin

2.2. Directions for the implementation of each manufacturer

2.3. Seasonality of the production of paraffin and Cerezin

3. Pricing

3.1. Identification of the main factors affecting the pricing of paraffin and cerezine

4. Import and export of paraffin and Cerezin from Russia

4.1. Customs regulation of export and imports

4.2. The main transportation routes and the transport used

4.3. Intragod (monthly dynamics) imports and exports

4.4. Analysis of the seasonal factor for supplies and pricing

5. Forecast for the development of the market of paraffin and Cerezin

5.1. Factors that determine in 2016-2020 a change in supply and demand in Russia

5.2. Assessment of market dynamics

5.3. Assessment of the influence of the global financial crisis

File name: ТЗ-34-2016