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Silicon Dioxide Market (White soot, Aerosil)


Дата разработки: 11.12.2015

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Silicon Dioxide Market (White soot, Aerosil)

The content of the report

1.1. Silicon dioxide production technology (white soot, aerosil)

- Russian manufacturers and manufacturers of the CIS countries (Bashkir Soda company, Gomel chemical plant, etc.)

- foreign manufacturers (Evonik and Rhodia)

1.2. Quality of products (brand, purpose, compliance between products of various manufacturers)

2. General information about the international trade in silicon dioxide (white soot, aerosil)

2.1. The dynamics of international trade (2012-2014) in Nat./Den. expression

2.2. The main countries are exporters and importers (2012-2014) Nat./Den. expression

2.3. The weighted average silicon dioxide in international trade 2012-2014.

3. Russian silicon dioxide market

3.1. Information about the main manufacturers

- production volume in 2013..2015

- Export to other countries 2013-2015.

- Development plans

3.2. Information about the import of silicon dioxide into the Russian market

- The dynamics of imports 2013-2015.

- the structure of imports by manufacturers and recipients

- Prices for silicon dioxide foreign manufacturers

3.3. Information about leading Russian consumers (Nizhnekamskhina, Omskshina, Cordant Little, Yaroslavl tire factory, Nokian Tayers, Michelen, Pirelli, Kirov Tire Plant, Iskozh Kirov, Kurskrezinotechnika, Barnaul RTI)

- volume of use of silicon dioxide

- suppliers of silicon wild

- Quality requirements

- comparison of the properties of silicon dioxide of various manufacturers

- the materiality of the differences in the properties of silicon dioxide produced using different technologies

4. Conclusions and recommendations: the significance of markets, supply of supply, technology

File name: ТЗ-429-2015