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Research on the market of paraffins and synthetic basic oils


Дата разработки: 08.04.2013

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Research on the market of paraffins and synthetic basic oils

1. Paraffin production in the Russian Federation

1.1. Paraffin production capacities

1.2. Plane for modernization of production

1.3. The presence/absence of an excess of raw materials (gacha deparafinization)

1.4. Total production of paraffins

1.5. The dependence of the volume of production on the volume and quality of the processed oil

1.6. The volume of production by liquid and solid fraction

1.7. Production volume by brands

1.8. The volume of domestic consumption of paraffins

1.9. The main areas of application

2. Export and import of paraffin from Russia

2.1. Total export of paraffin

2.2. Export of paraffins in the context of brands and manufacturers

2.3. Export prices for paraffins

2.4. The total volume of paraffin imports

2.5. Import of paraffins in the context of brands and customers

2.6. Import prices for paraffins

3. Demand for paraffins in Russia

3.1. The volume of paraffin consumption for individual enterprises

3.2. Paraffin purchased brands

3.3. The seasonality of the purchases of paraffin,

3.4. Tara used

3.5. Paraffin's purchase prices

3.6. The purpose of paraffins

4. Conclusions

4.1. Assessment of market capacity and export influence

4.2. The structure of Russian demand for paraffin in the context of brands

4.3. Paraffin prices fluctuations, including in the crisis period

4.4. Assessment of a possible change in the supply in the market

4.5. Factors affecting the change in demand

Synthetic base oil market research

1. Production of synthetic basic oil in the Russian Federation: power and actual production

2. Import of synthetic basic oil to Russia: volume and prices

3. Consumption of synthetic basic oil in the Russian Federation

3.1. Total consumption of synthetic basic oil

3.2. The impact of seasonality on the purchase of synthetic basic oil

3.3. The practice of changing the supplier of synthetic basic oil

4. Recording of market capacity

5. Synthetic base oil prices

File name: ТЗ-152-2013