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Natural gas market research


Дата разработки: 20.11.2009

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Natural gas market research

Goal of the work:
Preparation of substantiating materials and recommendations for making a decision on investing and further development of design documentation for the most economically advantageous way to use the gas deposit of the Adnikans

Documentation development procedure:

1. Determination of the list of the most probable methods of mastering the field (gas supply to the pipeline, gas liquefaction, gas separation, gas processing, etc.).

2. Determination of the minimum list of technical and economic indicators for each option.

3. Conducting a comparative analysis of all selected options, taking into account the requirements and restrictions

• the possibility of ensuring the required volume and gas pressure:

• availability of the necessary transport infrastructure

• The presence of promising consumers of the final products

4. Based on the results of a comparative analysis, the preparation of the final proposal substantiating the choice of the most economically profitable option for mastering the gas deposit of the Adnikans.

For the selected option:

5. Working for the sales of manufactured products - conducting a thorough analysis of potential buyers: preliminary discussions of deliveries (conditions, requirements, price level)

6. The study of technical and technological solutions (consideration of several options for equipment and technologies), the choice of the most optimal equipment suppliers.

7. Development of a petition (declaration) of intent (Don) on consideration by executive authorities.

8. Preparation of final materials as a justification for investments:

• Technical and economic analysis for performance options

• Assessment of the possible volumes of products consumption

• Technical and technological solutions. including

? justification of the chosen technology

? Technological solutions for selected equipment and technology

? Block diagram

? Gas material balance

? Description of technological installations

? Installation and component solutions

? Employment to the main technological equipment

? Consumable indicators of energy resources

10. Analysis of the sensitivity of indicators of the economic efficiency of the project to a change in capital and operational costs

11. Development of a production, technological and organizational structure of production.

12. Determining the need for labor resources by categories of employees and the requirements for their qualifications

13. Development of the section "Environmental impact assessment" in accordance with the legislation, applicable regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, Gazprom standards regulating environmental activities. Section materials will contain:

• Forecast of environmental, sanitary-epidemiological and social consequences of the project

• planned environmental measures

• Calculation of damage and costs for environmental measures

• Development of decisions on safe waste management

14. Development of energy supply decisions

15. Development of engineering and technical measures and emergency prevention

File name: ТЗ-533-2009