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Study of the market of serialganic compounds (Mercaptans)


Дата разработки: 04.04.2013

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Study of the market of serialganic compounds (Mercaptans)

The subject of the study is serialganic compounds:

  • Mercaptans (mixtures, individual mercaptans)
  • Diallycl sulfides
  • Methane sulfate
  • Sulphones
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide

1. General information. General information about products.

1.1 Description and methods of obtaining products.

1.2 areas of application.

1.3 packing and transportation.

2. The Russian product market:

2.1 The presence of current and potential internal manufacturers of products.

2.2 Information about internal Russian manufacturers of products:

  • Company name;
  • location;
  • production volumes;
  • direction of supply;
  • loading level;
  • plans to increase/change the volume of release;
  • The main directions of sales.

2.3 Dynamics of domestic production of products 2008-2012.

2.4 Import of products in 2008-2012:

  • main countries exporters;
  • main manufacturing companies;
  • prices;
  • The main Russian consumer companies.

2.5 Conjuncture of demand for products:

  • The main current consumer companies;
  • main potential consumer companies;
  • factors affecting changes in the volume of products consumption;
  • Trends in products of product consumption.
  1. World market.

3.1 The scale of the global product market.

3.2 trends in the global product market.

3.3 main countries manufacturers.

3.4 main countries consumers.

3.5 prices of market participants.

3.6 Prospects for the development of the world product market.

3.7 main companies manufacturers

3.8 Main potential consumer companies

  1. Analysis, conclusions.

4.1 Basic requirements for products.

4.2 Comparative analysis of the properties of products of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

4.3 Comparison of the scale of the Russian and global markets of the studied products.

4.4 dynamics of markets.

4.5 competitive environment.

4.6 Price conjuncture, price dynamics.

4.7 Prospects for the development of market market.

File name: ТЗ-144-2013