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Marketing studies of markets for products of the East - Neftekhimic Company (VSHK) to the Asia -Pacific countries, including To China


Дата разработки: 11.09.2012

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Marketing studies of markets for products of the East - Neftekhimic Company (VSHK) to the Asia -Pacific countries, including To China

1. Neftekhimic products planned for production:

polyethylene (nre bimodal and unimodal, re, tmre), polypropylene and its copolymers: shock-resistant (Iraz) and statist (), monoetilen glycol (meg), butadien, benzene, linear alphaoolefins: buten-1, hexen-1 (),

Optionally-ethylene, propylene, paraxylol, styreol, isoprene, styreol-isoprene-styrol blockopolymer (SIS), Styrol-butadien, Blocksopolymer (SB), Kumol, Cycloglofaolefins, Autobenzin, Airlines, diesel fuel, bunkering fuel, sulfur, sulfur, damp, raw, damp, raw, raw, raw, raw raw, raw raw, raw raw crude And a pumped coke

1. Description of the project

2. Analysis of markets

- Plane plans for capacity development

- Potential markets for petrochemistry (planned and optional)

- Potential markets for optional oil refining products

3. Logistics

- marine transportation routes;

-creation to the size of the courts, capacities and infrastructure of ports;

- proposals for the carrying capacity of the vessels for calculating non -backs;

- the market and accessibility of the ATR containers;

-the accessfulness of vessels for the transportation of liquefied gases

4. Price forecasts

- scenario of raw oil prices;

- Regional pricing I am a non -back price

5. The influence of Russian export duties

6. Marketing sales plan

7. The competitiveness of VNXK products in key markets in their costs.

8. Balances of the ATR market for planned petrochemical products of the SLC.

9. Recommendations for the organization of sales of VNXK products taking into account the alleged partners.

1. Introduction

1.1 Description of the project.

1.2 Description of the role of a consultant company.

1.3 key data and assumptions used in the report.

2. Macroeconomic conditions

2.1 Description of the international economic situation and the main assumptions for its development.

2.2 Description of the economic situation in Asia and the main assumptions for its development

2.3 influence of the international economic situation and the economic situation in Asia P project,

3. Review of the world and Asian market

- demand

- offer

- offer, demand and world trade

- final consumption markets

- Analysis of the trade balance

4. Logistics

4.1 Logistic capabilities of VNHK

- Requirements for port structures I am logistics infrastructure;

- marine transportation routes;

- Railway transportation routes

4.2 Logistics of petrochemistry products (sea and railway logistics)

4.3 Costs of PO logistics of oil refining (including freight forensic and costs)

4.4 global tanker, container and dry cargo fleet

4.5 market of containers of the region of the Asia -Pacific region.

4.6 issues of transporting polymers.

4.7 Issues of transporting coarse liquid liquid products of petrochemistry.

4.8 The possibility of transporting liquefied gases (butadiene, propylene, ethylene, etc.)

4.9 The number of shipments

4.10 Cares of the availability of infrastructure in the main ports of destination

4.11 conclusions, conclusion.

5. Price forecasts until 2030

5.1 Raw oil prices.

- world prices for raw oil, scenario of raw oil venue

- prices for Yaft;

- SPG prices

5.2 Formation of internal oil prices in the Russian Federation

- influence of international prices

- Russian export duties

- are allegedly amended in Russian expord crushes

- calculation of export duties for raw oil in the Russian Federation

- Entrance prices for oil of the Russian Federation at VSHK

5.3 Market of oil refining in Asia

- Types of configurations of refineries

- forecasts of margin by type of configurations of refineries

5.4 Basic pricing for oil products

-riors of VKHK oil products.

-Bazis forecasts for oil products for oil products

5.5 Basic prices for ONHK petrochemistry products

- profitability of the petrochemical industry in the Asia -Pacific countries

-the entrance price for VNXK for NAFTU in LPG

- Poliolefins

- Aromatic compounds


-Spring products of the Nebtechnicom VNHK

- Basis of predicted prices

6. Creation / updating the pricing model of the SLC for all planned and optional products

-calculation of non -back raw materials: NAFTU, SUG

- calculation of non -backs for each product and financial indicators of the project (IRR, NPV);

-the capacity of the model of the model at various price scenarios

(VGNT cost up to 200 $/bbl)/

7. Key potential rins

7.1 Selection of key markets and selection criteria

7.2 Primary selection of potential markets

-CONIBLENCIAL markets for the SUHK petrochemical products planned by VNXK

-dotentical markets for optional products of the NVKK petrochemistry

-dotentical markets for optional oil products VNHK

7.3 Methodology for evaluating market capabilities for VNHK

- Methodology for assessing the capabilities of the export market

- choice of the necessary approach to sales.

7.4 Detail selection of key target markets.

8. Product sales plan.

8.1 approach to developing a product sales plan

8.2 Ensuition of markets: smooth or aggressive entry into the market

8.3 Marketing Sales Plan of Oil petition Oil Processing Oil Processing

8.4 Recommendations for the organization of sales, taking into account the alleged partners.

8.5 Conclusion

9. Analysis of the competitiveness of VNXK products

9.1 Methodology for assessing competitiveness

9.2 Main assumptions.

- assumptions for the analysis of the competitiveness of the value of the goods with delivery.

- Raw materials prices

9.3 results of the analysis of competitiveness in cost with delivery.

- cost of production for each product

- tariffs for transportation of products, taking into account import duties

- competitiveness but the price with delivery integrated with the cost of the production of products (for each product separately).

9.4 conclusions and conclusion

File name: ТЗ-371-2012