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Help on mini-npz in Russia


Дата разработки: 05.10.2009

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Help on mini-npz in Russia

2. Information on each mini-npz:

- Location

- The year of commissioning,

- Power

- The download level at the present time,

- profitability of mini-npz

3. Prices

3.1 Dynamics of oil value for 2008-2009

3.2 dynamics of prices for NPZ products for 2008-2009

4. The main consumers of mini-npz products.

5. Basic contractors for the construction of mini-npz

6. The terms and cost of the construction of mini refineries with a processing volume of raw materials of 30,000 tons per month,

7. The list of permits necessary to start the construction and operation of the mini-NPZ,

8. A map of existing and promising oil pipelines in Russia indicating the location of all known refineries.

9. The list of Russian shippers of hydrocarbon raw materials and the shipment site of each in the pipe and the railway.

File name: ТЗ-428-2009