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Determination of promising areas of development of an agricultural enterprise


Дата разработки: 14.06.2011

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Determination of promising areas of development of an agricultural enterprise

1. Providing general information about the situation in the agricultural complex of the region:

· Basic cultures grown

The main agricultural agricultural enterprises, the scale of their activities

· The scale of the sales market for agricultural crops

· Financial indicators of the work of the agricultural complex of the region

· Development trends of agricultural

2. Audit of current economic activity of an agricultural enterprise

2.1. Analysis of financial indicators of activity in recent years (profitability, turnover of assets, liquidity, pr.)

2.2. Analysis of economic and economic indicators of activity (analysis of the structure of products, identification of the most costly, most profitable positions)

2.3. Analysis of the accumulated experience of growing basic agricultural crops (grain, vegetables), maintaining livestock projects, the production and processing of milk,

2.4. Analysis of personnel potential available

2.5. Analysis of existing plans and prospects for the development of economy

2.6. Analysis of the natural assets of the customer economy

2.7. Analysis of concluded and possible contracts for the supply and cooperation

2.8. Analysis of other agronomic, technical and economic characteristics of the enterprise (utility rooms, processing capacities, access to energy resources, etc.)

3. A comparative analysis of the activities of an agricultural enterprise with similar and most successful agricultural enterprises

3.1. Identification of similar enterprises for an agricultural enterprise in similar conditions and scale:

Comparative analysis of financial results

· Comparative analysis of economic and economic indicators of activity

Comparative analysis of natural-climatic conditions

3.2. Identification of the most successful among identified analogues.

3.3. Studying the activities of the most successful enterprises (identification of success factors)

4. Development of recommendations for improving management of an agricultural enterprise in 2011-2012:

· Recommended assortment of crops (list, proportions)

· Identification of the risks of the development of agricultural direction (climatic conditions, risks in connection with the capabilities of theft, improper storage, errors in choosing the most profitable crops)

· The need to purchase additional equipment

File name: ТЗ-323-2011